"Harsh Reality" PRess Release:

Nick Pro Releases Debut Mixtape “Harsh Reality” on February 5, 2016

PROVIDENCE, RI – FEBRUARY 5, 2016 – Rhode Island rap sensation Nick Pro has released his debut mixtape, “Harsh Reality,” on Friday, February 5, 2016. “Harsh Reality” is an in-depth presentation of the dark days as well as the vibrant new beginnings. It takes you through a series of songs that start the album with hard-hitting beats and hard-hitting lyrics. Pro’s style represents an old soul with a new flavor that is distinctly heard throughout the mixtape. Pro had previously released three singles off of the album, “Pure Gold,” “Monopoly,” and “Closer to God,” to get the hype started and leave the listeners salivating for more.

“It’s my time to shine,” is one of the prominent lyrics from Pro’s first track on the mixtape, “Bandwagon,” and unbeknownst to Pro, this is also the theme of the album. With a diverse group of producers and eclectic beats, this mixtape has a wide appeal that will please different genres and demographics. Unlike others in the industry, Pro writes his own lyrics, allowing the album to touch on his personal side and invite the listener to not only get to know Pro, but to also hop along for the ride. A lyrical genius with original content puts Pro in a league of his own; a show stopper. 

Each track is distinctively different from the other but at the same time flows in a cohesive manner to create a full-length mixtape. Creativity and flow come natural for Pro who’s rhythm matches each song with its own power but rather complements the song than overpower it. From the Kanye West-inspired “Villain,” to the upbeat, late 80s/early 90s rap vibe of “Old School, New School,” Pro shows he’s a multi-talented artist that can dive into the dark and come out the other side with a new flavor.     

“Harsh Reality” offers two features on it; a first for Pro. On the R&B-influenced track “All Night,” Dari'on Lance lends his smooth and sensual vocals to assist Pro in creating a track that’s favorable for women. “Still I Stand” features celebrity rap artist in Joe Scudda, a North Carolina native from Justus League. The last track on the mixtape, “Another Level,” features Executive Producer HusH introducing Pro to the awakened music industry that he just left his imprint on.

“Harsh Reality” is currently available for free download on Pro’s official website, www.nickpromusic.com and on his soundcloud, www.soundcloud.com/nickpromusic. Stay up to date with the latest news on Pro and his music by following him on Instagram (@nickpromusic), Twitter (@nickpromusic) and his official Facebook page (Nick Pro).

Executive Producer for “Harsh Reality” is HusH. Mixing and Mastering for the mixtape was done by Merc, at the Boiler Room Studio in Providence, RI. Management/Art is by Erik Russo, for CMYKILL. Additional producers on the mixtape are the following: Larry Ohh, Bro B, NY Bangers, Dreamlife Beats, Dirty South Beats and Commanding General.

Nick Pro is a 24-year-old rap prodigy from Providence, Rhode Island. He received a Communications degree from Suffolk University in Boston, Mass., and has worked for multiple media-related companies. Pursuing musical artistry has been Pro’s passion and ambition for over a decade as he’s previously released underground music and has showcased his music in numerous performances over the years. “Harsh Reality” is just a taste of what is yet to come from this young, musical sensation.


Jaclyn Pelopida

Entertainment Columnist